Childcare vouchers allow parents to save Tax and NI reflief on registered childcare costs, with savings up to £933 per year.

Allsave Benefits is the leading value-added childcare voucher scheme provider in the UK, with an innovative approach to providing an enhanced scheme for all stakeholders – employers, parents and childcare providers.  This means you can expect exceptionally high service levels and client retention via a hassle-free scheme that runs and runs.

Tax free childcare versus childcare voucher savings calculator

The New TFC Calculator compares a family’s savings with Tax free childcare versus employer supported childcare vouchers.

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Win win for employer and employee

Whether you have an existing childcare voucher scheme that you’re looking to transfer or you are introducing childcare vouchers for the first time, we provide a value-added service that will also make significant savings for your organisation.

Our customised approach and leading-edge technology, processes and services means an easy-to-use scheme for all.

Childcare vouchers portal

All parents are able to access your childcare voucher scheme and additional benefits through the Allsave portal, which includes Allsave’s bespoke Voucher Management System to ensure that your scheme runs smoothly at all times.

Functionality is truly advanced with:

  • online accounts for employers, parents and childcarers
  • range of calculators: maternity, savings, tax credits, earnings assessment, NMW, TFC
  • online Variation to employment contract approval
    • Online voucher reporting
    • Online invoicing
    • Online payment history
  • Smartphone App and SMS account management for parents on the go.

Exceptional customer service

An office-based Account Co-ordinator will be assigned to you so that you have one point of contact on the ground to help you with setting up a scheme and ongoing administration.

You can expect highly efficient customer service from Allsave Benefits, with a dedicated Helpline that ensures fast and accurate responses at all times.

A highly successful scheme monitoring process invites feedback and investigates any comment less than ‘Good’.  Currently, in excess of 99% of respondents rate the scheme ‘Good to Excellent’!

Switch your childcare voucher scheme to Allsave

We frequently manage the transfer of schemes to us as employers realise the superior value-added benefits we offer their employees and discover the brilliant service they receive for a scheme that just runs and runs.

All schemes that transfer to Allsave have experienced a significant increase in numbers and great feedback from scheme members.  

Working with Childcarers

As childcare providers are not obliged to accept childcare vouchers, we feel it is our job to reduce their extra burden. An online voucher account provides a transparent view of payments made for each child. Remittance advices are also issued when payments are processed, which is always the same day as payment instructions are received so they do not wait long for their money.

How employees save money with childcare vouchers

Parents can currently save up to £933 per year on the cost of registered childcare.  How much they save will depend on when they joined the scheme and the rate of tax they are eligible to pay.

On the 6th April 2011 a law change came into effect which limits the maximum amount of childcare vouchers parents can claim based on their current tax rate.

The rule change affects any parent who has joined the scheme since April 2011. An old scheme member, that is, a member of the childcare voucher scheme with the same employer before April 2011, is not affected by the rule and the amount of vouchers claimed will not change.

If parents are joining the scheme now then the amount of childcare vouchers they are entitled to will vary depending on their tax rate, which will be calculated by you when they join your scheme and again every April thereafter using the Allsave Basic Earnings Assessment tool.

The table below shows the maximum available voucher amount per month for new scheme members at various tax rates as well as the old rates which apply to those who joined before April 2011, and are still scheme members.

New parents joining

The maximum value of tax and NI-free Childcare Vouchers that any parent can claim per month is:

HMRC Salary Sacrifice guidance – click here to download full guidance on salary sacrifice

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